20 - February - 2019

Inder Kooner

Bhangra - Fusion - Global Beats - Indian - World
From Vancouver, British Columbia


With his unique voice, punchy lyrics and rhythm-driven beats, singer and songwriter Inder Kooner announces himself as a solo artist with his first solo single ‘Gut Nagni’. As a prominent member of En Karma since 2007, probably North America’s most successful Bhangra band, Inder has played at some of the top venues supporting some of the biggest names of Punjabi music including Shin DCS, Apna Sangeet, Heera, KS Makhan and Malkit Singh. In 2012, Inder and En Karma opened the ‘Maharajas’ tour for Jazzy B and Sharry Maan in North America to further cement their position as the best live band around!

On his debut project, Inder leans on his fascination of the classic traits of Punjabi folk music and traditional lyrical compositions from the pen of Jasvir Gunachauria to release this single produced by Popsy ‘The Music Machine’ from the UK. “We’ve always wanted to work on something and God willing it’s happened and I’m very excited by the sound and the creation we have here….I’m sure fans will appreciate and grow to love the desi tadhi style mixed in with Popsy’s western style big percussion sound,” explained Inder. “I think what separates me from other artists is that I write from a different point of view, as in a Canadian-born Punjabi, but someone who feels equally comfortable in talking and singing in Punjabi or English.”

Inder, who’s past projects include duets with KS Makhan (“Anakh Naal Din Katteye”) and H Dhami (“Tere Bina Nahi Nachna”), as well as the solo track "Dil Khush Kardey" on the Kalikwest Connected Vol.1 album in 2012, has come a long way since he started his career singing ‘Boliyaan’ for the United Bhangra team in Vancouver. This in turn led to the recording of his first track "Lagdi Pyaari" for DJ Sanj’s ‘America’s Most Wanted 4’ album way back in 2006 which gave him the bug to become a Punjabi singer.

This single, which has been recorded in Canada and England during the summer of 2012 finds Inder Kooner leading from the front as he showcases his versatility as a vocalist as well as his choice of lyrics and song for his own intimate project. “I’ve dedicated a lot of time, effort and energy to this album which I’m sure you guys will appreciate and have on repeat!” Confidence for sure, but just the thinking needed to make his mark on the Bhangra scene worldwide. Acquire!

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Inder Kooner


Derek White
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Vancouver, British Columbia


Gut Nagni
Moviebox, 2013