20 - February - 2019


From Montréal, Quebec


OUMAR NDIAYE better know as  xosluman, was born in Dakarand spent his childhood on Gorée Island alone with his guitar accompanied by musicians where he created  the African feeling sound, his warm and captivating music, that emphasizes Wolof ans Sereer Rythms interwined with Pulaar and Mandinka music .

His voice and his unique style are enriched by the contribution of traditional instruments such as the kora and the xalam - two west African stringed instruments .

Oumar NDIAYE has won the silver world syli 2009

In 2010, Oumar NDIAYE participated in the Sahel Festival and the Black World Festival  of Arts and Cultures in Senegal

His career started with the first senegalease boy-group «the golden boys» in 1987.

In 1995 OUMAR NDIAYE released his album Hoslu featuring the american singer Elizabeth SHIPLEY. This initiated his major breakfrough in Senegal.

Today he is a regular part of the monthly charts and radio playlists .

A film score «tableau feraille »( 1998) and the six follow up album Biir campus «1998»  Mann sénégalais« 2001»  youz ba «2005» feel acoustic  «2007» tukki « 2010 » Montréal Dakar «2012»

He toured trough Europe (latety Belguim and France in 2006) and plays gigs  at most of the big festivals in Senegal.

In his concerts, he manages to mesmerize his audience with his different musical styles and charismatic stageshow .

His music repertoire is quite diverse and brings up a good mixture of African rythms as well as melancholic guitarpieces just like african african singer song writer .

And with his very special voice, Oumar NDIAYE is an outstanding talent in this musical genre indeed, he adds special taste to it.



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1 Cabaret du lion d'or 2 Club Alizé - Montréal, Quebec Canada - Saturday, April 6, 2013

Band Members

Oumar NDIAYE Lead Vocal Guitare Acoustique Assane Seck Guitar
Noel Mpiaza Batterie
Aristide GNAKALÉ Bass guitar
Sadio CISSHOKHO percussions


Email: xosluman@hotmail.com
Phone: 514 439 83 62
Mobile: 514 4973817
7158 ue cartier Montreal, Quebec
Canada, HE2 2J2


Mann SéNégalais
GTV productions, 2013

BAAL Productions, 2013

Feel Acoustic
Indépendant, 2013

Dakar sound, 2013

Independant, 2013

Biir Campus
Human Arts, 1998

Kus productions, 1995