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From Montreal, Quebec


Samuel Robertson-Okine, (aka) Nii, a Great, Great Grandson of King Nii Okai Koi I of Accra, Ghana, was revered by his paternal uncles, two of whom were great musicians. Kofi Ghanaba (aka Guy Warren) of Osibisa Fame and Osabutey, also playing with Fela Kuti of Nigeria, who was on tour in Ghana.  Through this uncle, Nii met Fela, who instantly realized the musical potential in Nii, taught Nii on various instruments when he (Fela) was not busy.


Joining his maternal family in Kumasi, a cradle of Ghanaian Folk Music, Nii had the opportunity to observe the Great Folk Musician Koo Nimo on few occasions. Other important musicians influencing Nii’s love for traditional music include Nana Ampadu, AB Crentsil,

 and the Wolomei.


In college, Nii worked with some professional groups through studio presentations, as well as playing live outside campus.  Nii specializes in Highlife and Reggae Music. He realized that the advent of other forms of Music in Ghana is leading to the traditional Highlife music losing its Counseling, Encouraging, Consoling, Pain-Soothing, Love-Expressing, and other didactic attributes of its lyrics.  He therefore, decided to revive this old tradition, and where possible, translate his lyrics into languages that will bring understanding to his International Listeners.


Nii has done a lot in Highlife and Reggae Music. Known as the Highlife King or Ambassador in North America, Nii has entertained in the various club circuits in Canada and the USA.

He has performed on many International Stages, and Festivals -- from Africa through Europe and North America.

i.                   He was the most encored Artist at the 2006 Festival Nuits D’Afrique in Montreal.

ii.                 It happened again at the Festival Du Monde in Chicoutimi, Quebec in 2008.

iii.              American Magazine Africasounds.com described his show as electrifying the Night.

iv.               He dazzled the audience again at the 2009 Nuits D’Afrique Festival.

v.                 He was awarded for Highlife Music in 2011 in Toronto, Canada.

vi.               His song ODO YE DE, placed 5th in the Finals of the 2012 USA songwriting competition

vii.            He was the toast of the fans at the 2012 Heritage Festival in Edmonton Alberta.

viii.          He was invited again to the same festival for August 2013 (Rear situation indeed)

ix.               He has been nominated for HL Album, Artist and Video of the year in North America 2013  


People who have heard his works and witnessed his performances has only encouraging words about him.


So far, Nii has already recorded ten albums. He has released Three "Highlife Time" in 2007, “Happy Mother’s Day” in 2009, and “Draw Closer To Me” in 2011. He is in the process of releasing a Fourth one, a Gospel Reggae-Highlife album namely, “The Lord Will Come”. With these, Nii hopes to bring Traditional Highlife Music back into the main stream, as well as maintain the patronage it has enjoyed everywhere.


Web:    www.cdbaby.com/cd/nii,  nii2,   nii3.   www.youtube.com/niihighlife,



Contact:      nii424@yahoo.com


Giovanni Odum-Ewuakye

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Heritage Festival - Edmonton, Alberta Canada - Saturday, August 3, 2013

Club Balatou - Montreal, Quebec Canada - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Au Patro Vyes - Montreal, Quebec Canada - Saturday, June 1, 2013

Club Balatou - Montreal, Quebec Canada - Sunday, April 28, 2013

Club Balatou - Montreal, Quebec Canada - Sunday, April 7, 2013

Band Members

Samuel R. Okine (Nii)
David Mobio
Oduro Bediako - Keyboard
Dominic Donkor - Percussion
Assane Seck
Yaw Sirleh - Guitar
Guy Langue
Eric Danso - Bass Guitar
Noel Mpiaza
Yaw Frimpong - Drums
Carinne Agboton
Frank - Backups


Samuel R-Okine
SO Enterprise
Email: nii424@yahoo.com
Mobile: 514 242 8010
1735 Duff Court, Apt. 210 Lachine, Quebec
Canada, H8S 1E6


INDIE, 2011

INDIE, 2009

INDIE, 2007