20 - February - 2019

Bombolessé - urban tropical music

Brazilian - Forro - Reggae - Samba - World
From Montréal, Quebec



Bombolessé is a party group that gets 'thinkers dancing & dancers thinking'.


Bombolessé is a 10-year-old 7-piece URBAN TROPICAL band.

 Cuban born leader Julien was raised in Brazil from French and Spanish parents : a foreigner everywhere!

Their songs in Portuguese, French, Spanish and Kreyol reflect Montreal’s diversity.

After 700 live shows in over 12 countries (NAFTA, Europe, Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro, Mozambique, etc), they’ve mastered the tricks to getting everybody to party!
Their first album "Pucha-Pucha" (2006) sold over 2000 copies.

You've probably seen them with in their veggie-oil converted school tourbus (since 2006). Maybe even doing one of their shows on their tourbus' stage rooftop!

Collaborators on "Movimento" include IVAN DURAN, MARIO Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys, Manu Chao, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Seu Jorge, etc.). They've opened for Sgt Garcia,  Mes Aïeux, to name a few.

Their 2nd album "Movimento" just came out and has revealed a fresh & explosive urban tropical sound! Critics have acclaimed "Movimento" (#1 world music album : CIBL Radio Montréal; 3 stars : VOIR Magazine, etc).

We've played MANY events: Montreal Jazz Fest, Francofolies, Nuits d'Afrique, Ottawa Jazz, Toronto Harbour front, Sunfest London, SK, AB, Vancouver Folk fetst, YT, NB, Detroit concert of colours, Boston beehive, SOB's NYC, European festivals Belgium France, Swiss, CFC Mozambique, forro social americas Ecuador, etc. 

We've had support from : Musicaction, CALQ, Sodec, Factor, OQAJ, OFQJ

Both albums are available throughout Canada with Select distribution and the NEXT ALBUM produced by FRANÇOIS LALONDE (Lhasa, Jean Leloup, Dobacaracol, etc.), is due in early 2014.


Their music sung in French, Portuguese, Spanish and Creole is an ode to joy while making people aware of the problems and inequities of our society.

By following the course of life of the singer/bass player Julien Álvarez Thomet you begin to understand the origins of Bombolessé. He was born in Cuba and grown up in Brazil, of French father and Spanish mother. The artistic orientation of his compositions & writings is tinted of this cultural diversity to which Julien was exposed since always. 

-He is backed by Alix Noël, 'orphan of the world': Montreal-born Haitian which collaborates in the writing and the composition. His input gives source to the tropical flavor of Bombolessé.

-On stage, Dominique Poirier stretches the notes of her trombone with power. Her dashes of dance gets the crowd shaking. Varying from Sambas to African dances, Dominique incarnates the music of Bombolessé with all her body.

-The percussions of Martin Bonin (founder of Zuruba) are dynamite! He learned how to master the 3 Surdos and Timbal in his many travels to Salvador da Bahia. 

-The 'brazilianized' feel from the cavaquinho (ancestor of Ukulele) and the guitars of Vincent Duhaime Perreault increase the musical pallet.

-On the flute and the saxophone is Guillaume Larouche adding the smile of Bombolessé!!!

-Last but not least, Dominic Cloutier (drummer fro Jean-Pierre Ferland) comes to cement the whole with his powerful drums.

This diversity appeared in the form of 'brazilianized' music thanks to the influence of the multi-cultural environment of Montreal.

With its 7 musicians coming from different musical horizons, Bombolessé succeeds in mixing funk and rock'n'roll with rhythms of Brazil, while passing by Africa, in a unique way. Their common ground is the love for Brazil and its origins which are at the base of the artistic orientation of the members of the band.

On stage or on disc, Bombolessé is a contagious source of pleasure which one likes to share with all.

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Band Members

Julien Álvarez Thomet
Dominic Cloutier
Dominique Poirier
Guillaume Larouche
Vincent Duhaime Perreault
Alix Noël
Martin Bonin


Robert Pillitz
Les Productions Bros
Email: robert@bros.ca
Phone: +1 (514) 272-3466
7080 Alexandra Montréal, Quebec
Canada, H2S 3J5


Bombusica, 2013

Bombusica, 2013