20 - February - 2019


Acoustic - Afro Beat - Dance - Reggae - World
From Toronto, Ontario


Fojeba has been playing guitar ever since he was 13 years of age and he joined the school band "Orchestre du College Jeanne d'Arc" in 1981.Fojeba's
repertoire is made up of various music styles including Makossa, Zouk, Ngwa and Pop Toronto singer songwriter, Fojeba has developed an original guitar style. Rooted in African folk music, his style is also influenced by pop and Jazz. Open to cultural crossbreeding, Fojeba has explored for years various musical styles. 

Fojeba was born in the western province of Cameroon. Exiled to the Netherlands in 1996, he founded his own band called 'Sunshine Band' in 1999, with whom he released a CD entitled Paix Et Prospérité Pour Tous Fojeba's repertoire is made up of various music styles including Makossa, Zouk, Ngwa and Pop. His song lyrics are written in Bamileke, French, Lingala and English, many of them during his 7 years in Holland. Like many African artists, Fojeba is a brilliant arpeggist who successfully makes his guitar sound like a traditional African xylophone. He relocated to Toronto (Canada) and has played at numerous festivals in the area.

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Woodbine park(Afrofest) - Toronto, Ontario Canada - Saturday, July 6, 2013

Al Green Theatre - Toronto, Ontario Canada - Saturday, February 2, 2013

Band Members

Soren Boyd
Constancia Lule
Walter Maclean
Chester Manoharan
Fumu jahmez
Wayne Brewer


Fojeba music production
Email: fojeba@yahoo.com
Phone: 4166170392
Mobile: 4166170392
255 Main St. ON M4C 4X2 Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4C4X2


Welcome Baby
Fojeba music productions, 2012

A la queue leu leu
Fojeba music productions, 2008

Autour des tam-tams
Fojeba music productions, 2005

Paix et prospérité pour tous
Fojeba music productions, 2000